Endorsed by Trump

President Donald J. Trump Endorses Governor Jim Justice for U.S. Senate

Trump and Justice: Winning America First Team in West Virginia

Charleston, W.Va. – Governor Jim Justice issued the following statement on receiving the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump for U.S. Senate in West Virginia.

Governor Jim Justice

President Trump and his entire family have been treasured friends for a long time. The job he did as our president was truly amazing. His accomplishments are far too numerous to list. It’s an incredible honor to have his endorsement and confidence in me. It seems like every day, we see the Biden administration falling all over itself. Those days are numbered, thank goodness. Soon, we will welcome the second term of President Donald J. Trump.

– Governor Jim Justice

President Donald J. Trump

Big Jim Justice, the Governor of the Great State of West Virginia (I LOVE WEST VIRGINIA!), is BIG in every way, but especially in his wonderful HEART❤️! Strong on the Border, our Great Military & Vets, CLEAN COAL & Energy Dominance, the Economy, Stopping Inflation, & Protecting our 2nd Amendment, Big Jim will be a Great UNITED STATES SENATOR, and has my Complete & Total Endorsement. HE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN!!!

President Donald J. Trump

The winning Republican team in West Virginia is a vote for Donald J. Trump for President and Governor Jim Justice for U.S. Senate.


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