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Mooney Should Be Honest: Tell West Virginians About Anti-Trump Support

Mooney’s Never Trump Group Should Stay Out of West Virginia

Charleston, W.Va. – West Virginia voters deserve to know the truth about Alex Mooney being endorsed and supported by one of the largest Never Trump groups in the country this election cycle.

Statewide radio commentator Hoppy Kercheval recently highlighted the Club for Growth’s multi-million-dollar spending campaign to stop former President Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination.

“Alex Mooney wants to have his cake and eat it too. West Virginians deserve to know that Alex Mooney is endorsed by the out-of-state anti-Trump group Club for Growth. They are raising money for him, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars against Governor Jim Justice, and simultaneously spending millions of dollars against former President Donald Trump,” said Roman Stauffer, campaign manager for Jim Justice for U.S. Senate.

In April, the Club for Growth endorsed Alex Mooney and raised millions of dollars from out-of-state anti-Trump donors to prop up his campaign. Shortly after that endorsement, they launched an ad attacking President Donald Trump and have since spent millions of dollars to stop President Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee.

The same anti-Trump group spent $700,000 between May and September attacking Governor Jim Justice, including a television ad in August.

“If Alex Mooney supports President Donald Trump, he should tell the Never Trump Club for Growth to stop attacking President Donald Trump and to stay out of West Virginia, the most pro-Trump state in the country,” Stauffer continued.

“There is no one else Governor Jim Justice wants to be in a foxhole with than President Donald Trump fighting this out-of-state, anti-Trump group,” concluded Stauffer.


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