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ICYMI: Poll Shows Governor Jim Justice with Huge Lead In Republican Primary for U.S. Senate

New polling data on the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in West Virginia shows that Governor Jim Justice has a huge lead over his opponent, Alex Mooney. 

Tony Fabrizio – a Republican pollster who worked for Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016 and 2020 and is now working for Justice’s Senate bid – conducted the poll and message testing.

Here are the topline takeaways from the polling memo that Fabrizio issued on behalf of the Justice for U.S. Senate campaign:

  • Governor Jim Justice leads Alex Mooney, 62% to 23% on the U.S. Senate Republican Primary ballot, with just 15% undecided. 
  • In the Second Congressional District (Mooney’s district), Governor Jim Justice crushes Alex Mooney, 58% to 27%.
  • In the First Congressional District, Governor Jim Justice beats Alex Mooney by nearly 50 points, 66% to 20%.
  • 72% of West Virginia Republican Primary Voters have a favorable opinion of Governor Jim Justice.
  • 62% of West Virginia Republican Primary Voters have an unfavorable, no opinion, or have never heard of Alex Mooney. 
  • 38% of West Virginia Republican Primary Voters say they would not consider voting for Alex Mooney.

These polling numbers show that Governor Jim Justice is in command of the race and dominating Alex Mooney.

West Virginians overwhelmingly support Jim Justice; they know he is the strongest Republican candidate for U.S. Senate because of his strong conservative record.


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